What Limitations?

What Limitations?

Overcoming Self-Imposed Limits

Hey friends, it's Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach, here again. Nice to be here with you on Build and Public Daily. I'm here today because I want to talk about the idea of limitations. I'm at a point now in Make Your Own Glass Half Full and the revisions where I've made it through both my introduction and chapter one. So, I'm making progress in terms of the revisions and working towards copy editing and publishing, which is really exciting.

I stumbled across a quote today that I've seen before, but it really hit me in the right spot this morning. It's an Oliver Wendell Holmes quote that says, "All limitations are self-imposed." This gets you thinking, right? Humans are great at setting up illusionary boundaries for ourselves that don't exist in reality. A lot of that has come into play while working on this book, and it's been a fascinating process for me to go through, and I'm happy to share it with you all.

You can probably tell by my energy level right now that when you identify those self-imposed limitations, you can do anything you want. It's a limitless opportunity because so much is based on illusion or things that just sit in the back of our head that limit us in terms of what we can do.

Just a little inspiration today. I'm not saying quit your job, move to the other side of the world, or leave your partner. But stop making those excuses. A lot of the times, when you say you can't do something, it's followed by excuse after excuse. And those excuses are what set up those illusionary boundaries that don't exist in reality. It ties to the idea of making an effort to stop worrying about what other people think.

I hope you can take some inspiration from this today and think about the things that you're putting on yourself as self-imposed limitations. Calculated risk comes into play here, of course, but you can do anything you put your mind to. Breaking down those illusionary boundaries that our mind creates for itself is essential.
F is important work that can enable you to write a book or just chase that dream of building a business, writing a movie, or taking that leap that you never thought you were set to do. So I leave you with that today. And I hope this has been yet another fantastic chapter in the journey on my own build and public daily space here.

But I'm excited to share it with you. And I'll see you again soon. Thank you so much. Again, it's Adam W. Barney, Energy Coach. Stay optimistic, stay autonomous, and stay positive. Break down those self-imposed limitations.

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